Sunday, 12 February 2012

Where is the blog button on this keyboard???

So, I've tried aimlessly to find the right blog site for me. To make it to this point, where I'm actually entering in text to post on my newly acquired blog page, speaks volumes as to how far I've come in my quest to become a bonafied blogger. My first few visits to this site brought on the feeling of being a grade one student who was given a book on bio mechanics and told to read out loud to the class. My media literacy teacher, Nicole C., advised me to sign up with  Google plus - as she says, is an easier and more efficient way to blog. Well I did, and when it came time to verify my new account with the magical verification code that Google had text-ed to my mobile, the site would not accept it. When I finally had the ability to access my G plus account, I had no idea where to insert a blog or even if I was allowed to. I came full circle back to this site and am quite pleased with my progress.

I enjoy writing about myself and the funny instances that come about during my day to day activities. Having the room to write excessively about such things just confirms that blog should be my medium to do that - with its text box, equipped for those die hards who enjoy large amounts of aimless computer banter.

One topic I would like to write about in particular are restaurants. I am food aficionado and big time restaurant buff. Putting  my thoughts and opinions about the places I eat at will not only allow me to express my passion for  different types of food but will benefit the reader who is trying to find a decent place to eat, with-in the Niagara Region, and beyond!

Also, I take the bus..... a lot! writing about my bus stories will help me to vent my frustrations so i can be more at ease with my daily travel routine.

Other things that are worth talking about are all the little things that make my life so remarkably inconsistent, dramatic and very much worth living. For example, my daughter Ryleigh-May, My pet rat Sally and her brother Rico(my cat). My friends are my family so I couldn't write my blogs with out paying homage to them.

I hope you enjoy what I have to say. Hopefully I will enjoy this bogging thing - being able to carry on with it well after I pass Media Literacy with flying colors : )

Rebecca aka e-Fairy

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